Online Resources

At Med Plus HealthCare, RNs and Therapists are up-to-date and informed on all of the many outside resources available to our patients, and are trained to offer assistance and provide counsel to patients and their families when they have any questions or concerns about health care issues.

Some of the resources available online include:

Alzheimer’s Association
Your link for information and resources for those living with Alzheimer’s.

For information about the transportation service Call-A-Ride.

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
Your link for information regarding health and senior services.

Missouri Department of Mental Health
For all information and news in the mental health field.

Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels is dedicated to providing food, delivered directly to residences, for those in need.

Extensive information on Medicaid (and Medicare) from the Centers For Medicare and Medicaid.

Have questions about the Federal Medicare program? All the information you need to know about Medicare from the official US Government website.

Missouri Health Care Association
Your link to the latest news, information and educational programs for the long term care industry in the state of Missouri.

National Women’s Health Organization
Reference information, referrals, and general health guidelines created specifically for women.

Social Security Administration
News, information, and general resources for Social Security.

World Health Organization (WHO)
Health guidelines, updates and breaking health news from this international group.

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