Staff Experience

Our Med Plus HealthCare staff mission is to ensure that our patients will experience the highest level of personalized client service possible from the most qualified professionals in the industry.  We are advocates for our Med Plus HealthCare patients.  Our goal is to produce the best medical care and rehabilitation outcomes possible for each and every patient we accept and service in our local communities.

We only hire and work with the most qualified, courteous and compassionate medical professionals in their respective nursing and therapy disciplines.  We uphold high standards in our hiring process, and perform background checks on all clinician applicants.  We require our nurses and therapists to pass continuing education and training as a foundation of on-going employment with our company.  We offer them live webinars, expert forums and published articles to assist them with the most comprehensive knowledge for up-to-date patient care and success.

Med Plus HealthCare proudly employs experienced, trusted and highly trained professionals from the communities we serve.  Our staff of clinical experts averages 19 years of previous medical experience each.  And all Med Plus HealthCare clinicians hold a current professional license and are CPR certified.

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