When you or a loved one is seeking services from a home health care company, it is important to note that not all home health care organizations are alike.  The quality of home health care can differ significantly from one organization to another.  Many, but not all states have established licensure laws for these types of companies as protection to the consumer.  These laws typically establish the minimum requirements for doing business in that state.

Med Plus HealthCare is licensed for all of our offices by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Accreditation is another form of consumer protection for those in need of home health care services.  The Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) utilizes the “CHAP Standards of Excellence” to evaluate home health care organizations.  Their accreditation process is driven by considerations of management, quality, client outcomes, adequate resources and long term viability.

Med Plus HealthCare is accredited by the CHAP.  Our patients and referral sources should view CHAP accreditation as their assurance that our programs and services are of the highest quality, and even exceed federal mandated guidelines.

Home health organizations are certified to make sure they meet certain Federal health and safety requirements.  If you have traditional Medicare insurance, you may choose an agency from the participating Medicare-certified home health agencies that serve your area.  Your choice should be honored by your doctor, hospital discharge planner or other referring party.  You have a say in which agency you use, but your choices may be limited by agency availability or by your insurance coverage.

Med Plus HealthCare is a Medicare-certified home health agency.

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