We understand that you and your family have questions about home health care.  Med Plus HealthCare offers services to families in more than 20 counties in Missouri and Illinois. We have compiled a list of questions that we hear most often, to serve as a starting point as you experience the need for home health care services for the first time.  We invite you to have a conversation with us to learn more.  Click Contact Us and one of our staff members will answer your questions or set an appointment to address your needs in person.
The top questions to consider before choosing a Home Health Care Company:
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Yes, Med Plus HealthCare is a Medicare and Medicaid Certified Company.
The type of insurance policy you have determines how much you will pay for home health care services. We will contact your insurance provider prior to the start of care, so you or your loved ones will know what to expect. Typically, Medicare Part B covers 100% of home health care sessions. (Not all insurance providers pay at the same level or for the same number of visits.)
Med Plus HealthCare has been serving the residents of St. Louis and the Metro East area for more than 5 years. Our Cape Girardeau office has been open since January 2013.
In case of a medical emergency, patients are to call 911. For a medical service inquiry, Med Plus HealthCare has a Nurse on call 24/7 to handle all health-related questions and concerns.
Patient rights are completely protected, as each of our staff members are thoroughly trained to protect our client’s privacy at all times. We also ensure that our patient’s medical and personal information will remain absolutely confidential at all times. Patient billing and personal client information is secured under lock and key when not being processed.
Based on your individual medical and personal needs, our trained professionals will work with you, your family and your physician to develop a care plan that will ensure you the best possible outcome at home.
We can routinely make home health care arrangements within 24 hours of being contacted and services being ordered by the patient’s physician. Arrangements can also be made in advance if a future procedure or surgery has been scheduled by the doctor.
Absolutely. All of our Nurses and Therapists believe in fully educating not only our clients, but also their family members about the patient’s needs and the care being given. This “care education” will help the family continue health care for the loved one, so they may continue to improve at home.
Our Director of Nursing and our Nursing Managers frequently monitor the care plan of individual patients. They make adjustments as necessary to improve outcomes which are supported and directed by the patient’s Physician or other health care providers.
Yes, our Supervising Nurses regularly make visits to the patient’s home to ensure the highest quality care possible for our clients.
Any family member or loved one who has consent from the patient, may call on the patient’s behalf to discuss issues relating to their loved one. As long as we have prior consent from the patient, our Director of Nursing will be willing to discuss any situations or concerns which may arise during the home health certification period. Our Director of Nursing will then appropriately act upon those concerns.
Although rare, there are occasions where an agency staff member has an emergency personal issue or a problem with transportation. When this occurs, we are able to utilize our qualified network of personnel to immediately find a replacement or we can reschedule the visit upon the patient’s request.
Yes. All of our new potential patients are visited by a Registered Nurse who will assess their personal health and make suggestions to the patient and family. The Med Plus RN will collaborate with the patient’s physician prior to implementing a plan of care.
Written job descriptions are always available upon request and can be shared with any patient or loved one verbally or in writing, with prior patient consent.
Yes, all Med Plus HealthCare employees are fully bonded and insured.
We offer continuing education to both the clinical and non-clinical staff of Med Plus HealthCare. Each employee is required to attend quarterly in-service training sessions or other certified, ongoing education.
Yes, our Aides have previous experience in health care, and many are certified as Nursing Assistants.
Each employee receives an extensive background check, is reviewed through the Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) and the Employment Disqualification List (EDL).

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