Just Seven Simple Steps

Thinking back on her lifeA change has taken place in a senior adult’s health condition. You or a loved one is unable to stay home and remain safe without assistance.

iStock_000017352458Small  Following a doctor’s office visit or a medical consultation, a primary care physician certifies that you or a loved one needs home health care services.  The physician writes an order for skilled nursing, therapies or a combination of these home health care services.    
Helping with new computer  When the doctor decides you need home health care, you or your loved one may choose a  quality home health agency that is certified to meet your care needs AND accepts your insurance. This decision is always patient choice.  Med Plus HealthCare is a Medicare-certified home health agency.
Attractive woman smiling working on computer  Med Plus will request health profile data from you or your loved one to set up your service account.  Be prepared to supply: • Date of birth • Social Security number • Insurance provider • Insurance policy numbers

iStock_000022155992XSmallA Med Plus specialist will contact the insurance provider on your behalf to obtain authorization for the prescribed nursing and/or therapy visits.

iStock_000028290196XSmall  Med Plus clinicians will review the medical file and develop a care plan for you or your loved one.  Right away, a Med Plus clinician will contact you or your loved one to arrange the first home health care visit.

Carer Pushing Senior Woman In Wheelchair  Med Plus clinicians will arrive at the patient’s home within 24-48 hours of health insurance authorization to begin the plan of care.  All health care notes from home visits are shared with the patient’s primary care physician.  At this point, you or your loved one will start a journey to independence and better health while enjoying the comfort and safety of your own home.

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