Registered Nurse (RN)

Job Title – Staff Registered Nurse

Qualifications – Must be a professional registered nurse currently licensed by the Board of Nursing in the state(s) in which practicing patient care. Must have at least one year of hospital staff nursing experience, or equivalent in nursing home or public nursing. Demonstrates excellent physical assessment and communication skills, ability to work well with others, functions well under pressure, and functions well independently. Good physical and mental health.

Reports to – Director of Nursing/Clinical Director

Duties –

Make initial assessment visits, identifies physical and emotional needs, uses the nursing process to determine the best approach of service coordinated with the physician’s orders.

Develops and implements patient care plans. Evaluates medication therapy and side effects, gives injections, performs IV therapy and assists in rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Re-evaluates and revises the patient’s plan of care as needed, coordinating care with physician and other disciplines involved in the patient’s care.

Provides the basic nursing care (changes dressings, irrigations, catheter care, and wound care) that is deemed medically necessary in accordance with program regulations and generally accepted medical practices.

Monitors nutrition guides patient and family in special diet therapy.

Teach supervise and counsel patient and family members to cope with illness in terms of physical, social and economic problems that occur.

Refers appropriate disciplines per the physician’s orders, as needed to achieve patient outcomes. Informs the physician and other personnel of changes in the patient’s condition and needs to ensure coordination of care.

Maintains patient confidentiality and ethical behavior at all times.

Develops and instructs the Home Health Aide plan of care to meet the patient’s needs and supervises the activities of the Home Health Aide per program regulations.

Participates in clinical record review, quality assurance activities and participates in in-service training programs and attends all patient/staff meetings.

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